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MONE Education, Research and Scholarship Award

Meri Trajkovski

Meri has been awarded the 2017 MONE Education, Research & Scholarship Award of $1,000.

Meri is the Nurse Manager of the Short Stay Unit, Emergency Observation Center & the Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner Program with St. Joseph Mercy Health System, Ann Arbor. Meri continues to provide insight into steps needed to accomplish goals within her departments. She is a strong, yet kind leader, her strengths of flexibility, patient centered design, ability to lead & her excellent relationships with staff has made Meri the perfect leader for management. Meri is passionate about nursing as a profession and is generous with sharing her knowledge with others in the pursuit of improving patient care and outcomes.

Already a very effective nurse leader, Meri will continue to pursue her MSN in leadership and management.

Congratulations Meri!

The MONE Education, Research and Scholarship Award is aimed to assist inspiring and emerging nurse leaders in any practice setting or role to obtain a degree, certification or conduct of research in advancing professional leadership practice that addresses needs in contemporary health care services. The scholarship may be used for tuition, technology, research, or educational expenses.

Applications must be completed and submitted by April 20. Applications are accepted from October 1 through April 20. Eligible candidate applications are forwarded to the MONE Board in May for final selection. Board members who have applied for a scholarship will be excused during the selection process. Scholarship applicants can apply for a one-time renewal of the scholarship if minimum selection criteria and eligibility are met.


Allocation of funds is established by the MONE Board annually in the budget process. These scholarships may be used for BSN completion, advanced degrees or certification, and doctoral study. Additionally, these scholarship funds may be used as seed funds for nursing research related to nursing leadership or professional practice change that requires innovative nursing leadership strategies. Notification of awards and disbursement of scholarship funds will occur by June 30th.

You must:
  • A current MONE member
  • Be enrolled or have proof acceptance in a nursing degree or related program.
  • Have a minimum of a 3.0 grade point average in current academic work.

  • Any MONE member, including Board members, can apply for scholarships.

A completed application consists of:

  1. Completed Application Form.
    • Describe your activity with MONE, including years of membership and participation in MONE.
    • Participation and attendance at meetings, committee work, taskforce memberships, and leadership positions held (i.e. Chair of committee, or task force, District Director, secretary, etc.).

  2. Three (3) letters of recommendation (REQUIRED) from:
    • Faculty Members
    • MONE Member*
    • Employer*
    • Colleague (from school or work environment

    • *Required

      MONE members applying for the scholarship may substitute a letter of recommendation from a colleague (from school or work environment) rather than a faculty member.

  3. Individuals should mail Recommendation Form to MONE.
  4.      Michigan Organization of Nurse Executives
         c/o Linda Moots
         1595 Wellman Road, Dewitt, Michigan 48820

  5. One typewritten page (double-spaced) indicating educational and career goals upon attainment of this degree. Explain why the attainment of this degree will facilitate your professional leadership development.

  6. Include a financial plan indicating how the money will be used.

  7. Curriculum Vitae including the following: educational background, professional experience, honors and awards, activity in professional and community organizations.

  8. Official transcripts of all course work completed in current program. If the applicant is enrolled in a program but has not yet started course work, submit previous academic transcript from last degree school attended.

Incomplete applications will not be considered for funding.

Email your application to: Michigan Organization of Nurse Executives,

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